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Use cases

For Sales

Show the perfect product on every call

Sales Use Cases
For Marketing

Product-led growth…     without an engineering team

Marketing Use Cases

Reprise was an extension of our marketing team.

They didn't want to just sell us software. They wanted to make our product tour program a success.”

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Joe Chernov
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The Enterprise-grade
Demo Platform


Multilayer Editing

Capture and edit the animations and interactivity found in modern single-page apps (SPAs)


Data Anonymization

Globally identify and replace proprietary names to create a demo dataset


Ultrafast Rendering

Load pages 10x faster than your production application when pages are complied and hosted on our ultra-fast CDN


Integrated Customer Guides

Highlight features or create a sequential self-guided product tour


SSO and Access Controls

Protect your mission-critical demo asset with multi-team, role-specific access controls


Behavioral Analytics

Discover the features where customers focus their attention or share with others

Mark Dunlap
Global Director of Solution Consulting

Reprise brings our product's flexibility into focus.

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