Control Your Demo

Capture, edit, and assemble the perfect demo
for your customer-facing teams


The Reprise No-Code Editing Platform


1. Capture

Capture the screens of your product using your own browser

No engineering required



2. Customize

Change text and data

Change the flow of screens

Add guides if desired


3. Publish

Lock the Replay so it stays as you designed

Host the replay with a single click for superfast page loads

Watch detailed activity as users interact

Customer Example: Pendo's Homepage CTA

Pendo added a
action to their homepage

Pendo's Marketing team built, customized, and delivers the tour via Reprise

Pendo Homepage Static

"Reprise was an extension of our marketing team. They didn't want to just sell us software. They wanted to make our product tour program a success."


Joe Chernov, CMO, Pendo

Pendo Logo White
Lisa Friedman

"This will be a GAME CHANGER."

Lisa Friedman, VP Web & eCommerce, LogMeIn


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