About Reprise

The Mission:
Product For The People

We have worked at a plethora of b2b companies. And at each, one of the most significant impediments for the customer-facing teams was...the product.

This is not a fault of the product and engineering teams. Their job is to build a scalable application that meets customers' needs.

The needs of the internal customer-facing teams are entirely different. They do not need scalability to thousands of simultaneous connections. They do not need updates multiple times an hour. They do need the flexibility and control to craft a story, match a sales script, and show the product at its best.

We realized a different set of needs meant a different product platform. One that used the assets of the production app, but gave the customer-facing teams power and control over the product they showed in their day-to-day jobs. 

We started Reprise because we ourselves had experienced this problem for twenty years at a half-dozen companies. If you believe we can help your customer-facing teams, contact us.

Leadership Team

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