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Why You Need Website Product Tours

Joe Caprio Nov 30, 2020 10:13:45 AM
Why You Need Website Product Tours

Years ago, someone told me you needed a primary CTA on your website. If a prospect is interested and wants to learn more, your CTA should tell them exactly what they need to do next.

Well there’s a problem, Goldilocks... It looks like you only have two choices! 

You can go “Free Demo!” and have sellers jump on the first call to handle inbound. Or you could offer a “Try now!” and let prospects install and test straight away.

Of course, the 'get demo' button is too cold. It’s going to annoy prospects that want instant gratification. And your 'get started' button is crazy hot! It’s going to annoy anyone that can't navigate the install and set it up in under five minutes.

Where’s the “just right” approach?

We Didn’t Hold Anything Back

Joe Caprio Nov 25, 2020 9:35:06 AM
We Didn’t Hold Anything Back

Our first Real Talk: PreSales Collective webinar - I’ll be honest with you - it was emotional. It got raw, it got real, and it was honest and cathartic. 

Not quite what you expected from a sales engineering webinar? Well, here’s what went down.

Our panelists were Audrey Jaspart from Hubspot, Chris Browne from Dynamic Signal, and Adam Lazzara from Sprout Social, and they all contributed so much to the conversation - insights from their extensive experience, deep professionalism, and plenty of grace when talking about sometimes difficult topics. Thanks, team! You can watch the complete replay here if you missed it.

Meeting Buyers Where They Are in 2020

Joe Caprio Nov 19, 2020 10:03:30 AM
Meeting Buyers Where They Are in 2020

Like so many things in 2020, the way buyers buy has changed completely

We talked about this on a Sales Hacker webinar last month - here’s a quick rundown. 

The bottom line? People aren’t going into work anymore. And they might not be going back to the office for a long time. They’re staying home. Or, like me, they’re moving to a completely new location - and then they’re staying home. 

There’s been a mass migration out of expensive, dense cities like New York and San Francisco, and people aren’t coming back anytime soon. They’ll stay in “Zoom cities” like Tahoe, and this shift to a more manageable work/life balance might well be permanent. 

That means they’re out of your physical area, and they might even be in a completely different time zone. Reaching them is much harder than it used to be. 

So what does this shift mean for the new buyer journey? For vendors, for sellers, for marketers? What are the new norms you need to know?

When “Give to Get” Just Gets Annoying

Joe Caprio Oct 27, 2020 10:45:15 AM
When “Give to Get” Just Gets Annoying

“Give to Get” gives your prospects an excuse to get lost! Why? Read on -

I can’t credit one single source for teaching me about Give to Get. Google it and you’ll see 3.7 billion results (I’m not joking). Every manager I’ve ever had taught me to use it. Every sales book has some form of it too. And scroll the LinkedIn thought leaders and you’ll inevitably find the give-to-get logic permeating ‘how we do it.’

What is it?

Give to get is a simple concept. My favorite summary comes from Robert Cialdini when he talks about the basic law of reciprocity. Imagine you’re walking into a big building with a huge set of glass doors out front. Someone in front of you reaches the door first and holds it open for you with a smile. “Thank you,” you proclaim, as you suddenly reach a second set of doors.. Double Doors!

When Do Prospects Get Your Product?

Joe Caprio Oct 22, 2020 9:33:53 AM
When Do Prospects Get Your Product?

Most organizations fall into one of three categories for letting prospects try their product:


  1. Prospects create an account right on your website. 
  2. Your website converts visitors to a sales meeting, sales vets the deal, and then provisions a trial.
  3. You reserve use of your product for after a deal is signed. You miiiiight allow a “proof of concept” right before they sign, but that might even just be a paid pilot. 

That’s a wide spectrum.

A Tale of Three Product Demos

Picture of Evan Powell
Evan Powell Oct 19, 2020 10:56:22 AM
A Tale of Three Product Demos

We talk a lot about the theory of demos - the right way and wrong way to do them - on this blog. But I recently had a purchasing experience that really threw the whole into sharp relief. 

Let’s call it a tale of three demos. It was an illustration of the issues we talk about here that was almost too good to be true, because the whole experience varied so widely. What I, as our Ops founder, wanted and what the vendor sales teams offered me sometimes seemed to be totally at odds with each other. 

My background is in sales, so I’m used to looking at things from that side of the table. But recently I needed to buy some software to help us coordinate with our tech team, so I got to see the other half of the equation. 

And boy - it was all over the place