I’ve been a member of Revenue Collective for three years now. While I haven’t been super active in the channels, I have had some really open and serious conversations in small groups or 1:1 settings. Sam has personally connected me a few times when I had a problem, and it’s always resulted in a thoughtful and helpful conversation.

I like the Revenue Collective because I know half the people in here. I was the head of sales at Chorus for two years and at InsightSquared for six years before that, so I’ve either bought your product or (failed, probably) at selling you mine. Not a joke, I really enjoy talking to the people in this community and I seek and give advice with people in here all the time. It’s an incredible resource.

So when I realized that I could partner with Sam and the Revenue Collective to help bring a category to market, it was an immediate yes. We never questioned it – we can:

  • get small, focused feedback from the first set of users
  • learn in an open environment how people engage and what they truly need
  • set the tone for the market and help define the initial set of needs and capabilities

So we lept at the opportunity and have been hard at work since. We’ve done over two thousand interviews, twenty-five focused roundtables, onboarded hundreds of users, and brought a first-to-market platform to life.

For our customers, we’re 

  • Generating hundreds of thousands of leads 
  • 30% increases in conversion rate
  • Massive reductions in sales cycles, and
  • An absolute flattening of our customers’ cost of sale. 

These are not exaggerations or isolated accounts (just a little bit of highly accurate bragging).

VCs are storming our castle. We’ve been hit by every top tier there is. We raised $20M from Ajay at Bain and we did it all without building a deck. Inbound, preempted.


Reprise is a dream. It gives you total control over your demo and the ability to ‘tell’ any story inside that demo – without your engineering team’s help. After all, they don’t write my blog, they don’t host my webinar, why am I asking begging them to build my demo?

Our customers are cloning their production environment: the front end only, separate from the data and underlying layers, and creating very simple click-through demos. Type in whatever dataset and storyline you want, and watch your demos pop.

Host them on your website as guided product tours to enable a touchless sales motion. Use them to clone and ‘verticalize’ your demo environments so every sales call resonates. Send them over email as “low touch” sandboxes and use it as lead gen, revival, or champion enablement rev placements of real trials.

It’s crazy.

But even writing this, it’s braggy and ‘about us.’ So, we’re going to let our early adopter customers speak for us.

We’re bringing:

Brent Krempges from Gainsight – he’s their VP of Solution Engineering. He’s going to talk about what his VC meant when he advised him to “simplify their demo environment so he could better service the sales and marketing team’s needs.”

Lindsey Tishgart from InsightSquared – she’s the CMO and responsible for bringing SIX NEW RELEASES to life this year. Hear how she’s finally able to stamp out the assets she needs.

Anjali Gattani from Medallia – I’m so excited for this one. She leads their Global Demo Engineering team and will speak with experience on supporting an enterprise organization’s demo program.

I can’t wait. I met the panelists one by one to make sure we were all prepared. They were incredibly supportive and collaborative.

We’re changing the way their sales and marketing teams operate and I can’t wait to share it with the rest of the community.

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