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We Didn’t Hold Anything Back

Joe Caprio Nov 25, 2020 9:35:06 AM
We Didn’t Hold Anything Back

Our first Real Talk: PreSales Collective webinar - I’ll be honest with you - it was emotional. It got raw, it got real, and it was honest and cathartic. 

Not quite what you expected from a sales engineering webinar? Well, here’s what went down.

Our panelists were Audrey Jaspart from Hubspot, Chris Browne from Dynamic Signal, and Adam Lazzara from Sprout Social, and they all contributed so much to the conversation - insights from their extensive experience, deep professionalism, and plenty of grace when talking about sometimes difficult topics. Thanks, team! You can watch the complete replay here if you missed it.

Pre-Sales Podcast Learnings: Let’s Talk About AE/SE Aha! Moments

Joe Caprio Oct 9, 2020 9:25:41 AM
Pre-Sales Podcast Learnings: Let’s Talk About AE/SE Aha! Moments

A couple weeks ago, I posted on LinkedIn about a dynamic duo I knew - an AE/SE team that was unstoppable. One of my followers recommended an awesome podcast on the same subject, from the PreSales Podcast team. 

So I thought I’d share my notes from the podcast - and all the aha! Moments it gave me about the SE/AE relationship. Let’s go!

Leading and Learning

The AE/SE relationship is important - they’re different roles, but with the same ultimate goal - making a sale. Learning a few tips for working together smoothly, and how to see things from the other perspective, can make everyone’s job a lot easier - and more fun too.

How Chris White Closes Deals from Demos

Joe Caprio Oct 6, 2020 10:04:54 AM
How Chris White Closes Deals from Demos

Is your demo flatlining? You might need the help of DemoDoctor - founded by Chris White. He’s an expert in the field of closing demos - making them as effective as possible so you’re getting more deals from your demos. He’s also the author of Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers, written to help sales engineers deliver killer demos. 

AE/SE Relationship Quotes

Joe Caprio Sep 21, 2020 12:36:14 PM

Last week, I wrote about my favorite AE/SE pair - Devin and Julian. I told a story about one of the best working relationships I’ve seen for AEs and SEs. The post inspired some of you to reach out and share your stories. My question was on the working relationship between your sales people and your sales engineers. Here are some of my favorite quotes!

Quotes From the Field

Here’s what you shared.

My first quote came from the product leader at a company that is in half our stacks right now. He shared,

“We sell to sales, so our sales reps give great demos that really resonate from a 'day in the life' perspective. But once we started moving upmarket, it became clear that we also needed SEs on calls.”

A Study of the AE/SE Relationship

Joe Caprio Sep 11, 2020 9:51:29 AM
A Study of the AE/SE Relationship

Positive AE/SE Relationships

At Reprise, we’re creating software to help SaaS companies build and deliver the perfect demo. For that reason, it’s important for me to really, truly understand how demos work.

A good starting point is: Who does the demo?

Is there an easy process that companies use when deciding who will give their demo? Is it the AE or the SE? Both? How about the AE on the first call then the SE going deeper on the second? Is it like good cop/ bad cop?

Who decides? And how do they decide? Honestly, it feels like a decision you never really “make,” but rather just settle into overtime. It reminds me of the AE/BDR relationship. Yes, there are qualification and conversion rules, but these humans are sorting the rest out live while bumping into each other in the trenches. So, while your poor AEs and SEs are also ‘figuring it out’ - here’s what good looks like.