How Marketers Use Product Replays to Generate Pipeline

Ever-increasing pipeline generation goals. Campaigns that are volume-capped or have diminishing returns. Today’s marketers need alternatives to generate high-quality pipeline.

Product-led growth is a solution. However marketers may not have a dedicated engineering team to build for them. Marketers need a product-led solution they can control.

Enter Reprise. Capture your existing app and then manipulate it and repurpose into campaigns or tours as you desire. All without needing to code or even talk to engineering.

Marketing Use Cases


The Product Tour as your new CTA

Can your visitors experience your product without getting on the phone with a sales rep? This is the key to product-led growth.

You likely already have a “Talk To Sales” call-to-action. Do you have an alternative CTA where the visitor can directly experience the product?

  • Modify your app’s data to tell the best story
  • Include only the screens that lead directly to your “ah-ha!” moment
  • Insert popup guides to provide a “voiceover” along the way
  • Integrate with your marketing automation platform to track signups and completions
  • View visitor progress live as it happens

Show not-yet-live product

You want to show exciting upcoming features at your annual user conference. But how do you show product when it’s not finished or live yet?

Use Reprise to capture product features even out of a development environment. Populate and customize the data so that it tells a story. And then publish so that your demo is locked and loaded for the stage.

  • Capture screens from anywhere, even development servers
  • Populate and customize data to tell your story
  • Add links and flow, even if it doesn’t exist yet

photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash


Nurture leads with product

What’s more compelling than sending your leads yet another PDF or blog post? A link to the product: “Check out how customers do XYZ with our product.”

  • Create a library of product experiences using “slices” of your product
  • Curate and tune each experience without engineering
  • Track results both live and through your marketing automation system

Prepare your product for video or webinar

Video is hard to edit afterwards to make your product look perfect. But you can edit the product before the video recording or webinar using Reprise!

  • Remove unnecessary steps or clicks
  • Customize data and text
  • Make pages load in milliseconds

photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

See For Yourself

Request access to our platform and see for yourself how Reprise can help you:

  • Create a demo environment that tells the story your sales team needs
  • Customize demos according to the demo audience
  • Accelerate your sales motion with an instant PoC sandbox