Reprise Features

Analyze & Optimize

Understand prospect behavior and activities within your demos and product tours; leverage these insights to improve performance and prospect experiences.
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Analyze prospect behavior

Optimize your performance

Analyze Prospect Behavior

Leverage powerful analytics to view demo and product tour performance. Optimize product experiences based on viewer activity and behavior.

Powerful Analytics

Analyze performance and understand viewer behavior. View key stats and behavioral data for an entire product tour or demo – and for individual screens.

Reprise API

Pull data from Reprise into a data warehouse or data lake, then push to another platform to:

  • Create or update records
  • Analyze and understand demo and product tour view activity and performance, then optimize the experience based on the results
  • Coach sales reps on their demo performance

API data available includes title, description, creation date/time, number of views and sessions, activities, name and email (if collected), and more.

Optimize Performance

Keep your product tours and demos updated with the latest screens and features without engineering resources.

Easy Screen Replacement

Easily update your product tour or demo screens as your product changes. Quickly replace screens without having to recreate custom interactions.

Add Custom Javascript

Add advanced on-screen interactions and calculations to unlock deeper levels of customization, like pinch-and-zoom, drag-and-drop with custom calculations, and more.

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