Basic Application Capture

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Fast & easy capture of an entire application

Capture your entire application with just a few clicks. Take the unique elements of your application and show the natural interactivity of your application to your prospects and customers. 

Full Application Capture

Perfect for Live Sales Demos

Never worry about your unstable demo environment again. With Basic Application Capture, you get a clone of your front end and basic editing capabilities to enable your reps to use a safe demo sandbox.

Quick Capture – Without Engineering Assistance

Captures your entire app with just a few clicks, including complete navigation, charts, modals, and tool tips.

Basic Editing

Do basic editing to create your perfect demo sandbox – your sales reps will love you for its stability and ease of use, and your dev team will love that they don’t have to maintain it!

  • In-line text editing
  • Global search- and-replace
  • Chart customization
  • Basic customization variables
  • Add basic guides

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