Reprise Features

Create a compelling, optimized product experience

Tailor your product experience to your audience, whether you’re setting up a high-level lightweight demo for your sales team to use for initial conversations, customizing a takeaway for your internal champion to show their team, or putting a product tour on your website.
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Build interactive demos & product tours

Edit and personalize on-screen content

Add instructions and calls-to-action

Build Interactive Demos & Product Tours

Once you’ve captured target screens from your product, sequence and connect them to highlight the “wow” moments.

Customize Navigation & Flow

Link product screens together to customize your product experience navigation and flow to tell a compelling product story by highlighting key moments and content.

  • Create fully-interactive experiences
  • Empower prospects to explore and interact with your product
  • Enable users to scroll, hover, click, and take action to truly experience using your product

Multi-Persona Experiences

Demo screens from the perspectives of two different users – at the same time, even across different software. Demonstrate in real-time how the actions of one user impacts the experience of another.

  • Marketplace buyer-seller interaction
  • Admin-user settings changes
  • Software integration – show two different products
  • Edits/changes from command line interface


coming soon!

Create better product experiences by planning and organizing demo or product tour screens before connecting and editing.


Customize and anonymize your product tours and demos by editing on-screen content. You won’t have to maintain dummy data in a separate demo environment or risk disclosing sensitive data, because you have complete control and editing ability over everything you show.

Edit Text and Images

Contextualize and anonymize demos or product tours by customizing product screen content.

  • Swap an image, edit a message, or delete an entire area
  • Streamline your product experience
  • Keep your audience paying attention to the right things

Global Search & Replace

  • Quickly verticalize and anonymize your product experience.
  • Swap text, logos, or other elements on a single screen or across all of your screens with a few clicks.
  • If you have a rebrand, a product refresh, or customizations for new audiences, you can make swaps with only a few clicks.

Variables / Dynamic Text

Customize and personalize demos and leave-behinds at scale to make a lasting impression and drive engagement.

  • Create variable fields for text or dates (including dates relative to the present to keep your demo data looking fresh)
  • Curate a personalized product experience with variable fields that auto-populate throughout the product experience
  • Then easily scale a standardized demo experience to your entire team, so everyone can quickly provide personalized experiences by filling out a few form fields

Add Custom JavaScript

Add advanced on-screen interactions and calculations to unlock deeper levels of customization, like pinch-and-zoom, drag-and-drop with custom calculations, and more.

Advanced On-Screen Interactions

Increase product experience engagement with advanced, on-screen interactions like menus and modals – without forcing a jarring full-screen refresh.

Multi-User Collaboration

Seamlessly work together as a team to create amazing product experiences and shorten the editing and review cycle.

Add Guides

Guide your prospects through an interactive product experience while highlighting the "wow" moments. Add instructions, content, and calls-to-action to product tours and sales leave-behinds to tell your product story.

Match Your Brand

Ensure product tours and leave-behinds reflect your brand.

  • Customize guides and create guide templates
  • Easily find and use on-brand colors and fonts
  • Quickly change the look & feel by using one of our guide templates

Embed Media

Use embed links to add audio, video, images, and other engaging content to guides.

Video Guides

coming soon!

Increase engagement and improve understanding by capturing and adding videos to product tours and leave-behinds.

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