How Product Replays Help Sales Teams Close Deals

Sales teams have different needs of their company's software product than customers. 

  • Sales teams need a product that is already populated with data. Customers don't need this because they bring their own data.
  • Sales teams need to customize different versions of a demo to serve different audiences. Customers only need their version.
  • Sales teams need to grant access to outsiders like champions at target accounts. Customers only need access for themselves.

Reprise is a platform that allows sales teams to customize, control and share their company's software product as a perfect demo package.

Sales Use Cases

Specialize demos by persona and use case

Demos resonate when the prospect can imagine themselves using the product. That's hard to do when your demo was constructed for a different persona or industry or pain point.

Reprise allows you build multiple versions of your demo:

  • Different customer segments: demos for enterprise vs. midmarket prospects
  • Different rep seniority: junior rep with on-rails demo scripts vs. senior reps with full access 
  • Different prospect industries: demo data from retail vs. manufacturing
  • Different prospect roles: a detailed demo for frontline users vs. a high-level demo for executive approvers
Steven Broudy

"Sales demos as they exist today totally suck. They are impersonal, they're not tailored to specific use cases, and they require a ton of internal support to update and maintain.

Reprise makes it easy for sales orgs to make sales demos more personalized and relevant and impactful."

Steven Broudy, VP Sales, Bevy

Bevy Logo
Bryan Naas

"We have multiple demos.

Our first demo is deliberately simple -- just one screen -- so the prospect gets to see the product. It's actually a trojan horse to do more discovery.

We then follow with a deeper demo later in the sales process."

Bryan Naas, Dir. Sales Enablement, Lessonly

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Matias Wigozki

"Customization should be persona-driven. Do the proper disco and choose the demo that matches the persona's pain point."

Matias Wigozki, Director CS, InsightSquared

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Interested in a library of demos that fit your personas?

What if you could quickly and easily create alternate versions of your demo that were specialized to each persona? Or to each target account size, or target account vertical?

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Enable champions with an interactive leave-behind

Enable your account champion to show their boss the feature that will matter most.

With Reprise you can:

  • Let accounts touch and use your app after the call, instead of just reading PDF documentation
  • Accelerate deal cycle by getting buy-in from decisionmakers using a demo instead of full POC
  • Watch realtime as your Replay is passed around within an account and opened by decisionmakers
  • Observe which parts of the product they focus most on
Ray Carroll

"Non-transactional sales require access to a broad range of influencers and decision-makers.

Getting them all together for the first call is a moonshot.

You've got to enable your champions to sell for you."

Ray Carroll, VP Sales, Skilljar

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Lori Richardson

"Being able to do an instant proof-of-concept?

It's a game-changer to be so responsive with a buyer."

Lori Richardson, Author, She Sells

She Sells - Lori Richardson Book
Pete Kazanjy

"Letting our champions socialize a fully functional demo to other stakeholders is a huge accelerator. as

Forget a deck. Let them use a demo." 

Pete Kazanjy, CRO, Atrium


Interested in an interactive leave-behind for accounts?

Would your sales team benefit from giving prospects an interactive demo they could share with others at an account?

Would you like to accelerate your deal cycle by getting buy-in ahead of calls?

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Demo in a controlled sandbox

Your product team is releasing features and changes to the product as fast as they can. But is that what's good for your sales team?

Reprise gives sales teams control over their demo environment so they can scale more effectively:

  • Delay showing product changes and updates until you've trained on them
  • Insulate the demo environment from downtime and the real-life complications of a production environment
  • Anonymize and curate data shown in your demo environment
Logan Neveau

"Last time we wanted to modify the demo portal it took three months, weekly meetings, countless JIRA tickets and by the time we finished, the product had been updated so we had to start again.

We just couldn't keep up and nothing kills a demo faster than something that doesn't work or numbers that don't make sense."

Logan Neveau, Head of Demand Gen, Logo
Jerry Pharr

"If you demo by showing your own or other customers' actual production instance it screams 'potential data breach!'

No way will today's security-conscious buyers consider a solution after that."

Jerry Pharr, Dir. Global Sales Enablement, Redis Labs

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Peter Cohan

"I can't tell you how many nights presales folks have spent testing the demo for the next day -- only to find that the product has changed!

One of the biggest challenges in demonstrating SaaS software is the agile nature of development. Capabilities are added and can change with alarming frequency."

Peter Cohan, author, Great Demo! How to Create and Execute Stunning Software Demonstrations

Peter Cohan Great Demo

See For Yourself!

Request access to our platform and see for yourself how Reprise can help you:

  • Create a demo environment that tells the story your sales team needs
  • Customize demos according to the demo audience
  • Accelerate your sales motion with an instant PoC sandbox