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Specialize demos by persona


Interactive leave behinds


Demo in a controlled sandbox

You can now remove

“imagine it would look like this”

from the talk track.

Sales Use Cases


Tailor and resonate

Demos resonate when the prospect can imagine themselves using the product. That’s hard to do when your demo was constructed for a different persona or industry or pain point.

Reprise allows you build multiple versions of your demo:

  • Different customer segments: demos for enterprise vs. midmarket prospects
  • Different rep seniority: junior rep with on-rails demo scripts vs. senior reps with full access
  • Different prospect industries: demo data from retail vs. manufacturing
  • Different prospect roles: a detailed demo for frontline users vs. a high-level demo for executive approvers


Empower your champions

Enable your account champion to show their boss the feature that will matter most.

With Reprise you can:

  • Let accounts touch and use your app after the call, instead of just reading PDF documentation
  • Accelerate deal cycle by getting buy-in from decision makers using a demo instead of full POC
  • Watch realtime as your Replay is passed around within an account and opened by decision makers
  • Observe which parts of the product they focus most on
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A controlled, rock-solid sandbox

Your product team is releasing features and changes to the product as fast as they can. But is that what’s good for your sales team?

Reprise gives sales teams control over their demo environment so they can scale more effectively:

  • Delay showing product changes and updates until you’ve trained on them
  • Insulate the demo environment from downtime and the real-life complications of a production environment
  • Anonymize and curate data shown in your demo environment