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Create interactive product tours and demos for specific verticals, personas, and use cases.
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How it works

With Reprise, you can capture and customize any screens in your browser-based software to link together in an interactive demo or product tour.

Step 1

Capture Product's Front-End Experience

Product Capture Chrome Extension

Quickly and easily create a pixel-perfect copy of your product’s front-end experience.

Step 2

Customize Content

Build Interactive Demos & Product Tours

Once you’ve captured target screens from your product, sequence and connect them to highlight the “wow” moments.


Customize and anonymize your product tours and demos by editing on-screen content. You won’t have to maintain dummy data in a separate demo environment or risk disclosing sensitive data, because you have complete control and editing ability over everything you show.

Add Guides

Guide your prospects through an interactive product experience while highlighting the "wow" moments. Add instructions, content, and calls-to-action to product tours and sales leave-behinds to tell your product story.

Step 3

Empower GTM Teams

Drive Engagement & Growth

Embed interactive product tours on your website and share interactive leave-behinds with prospects.

Integrate & Automate

Power your product-led growth engine by connecting your product tour, demo, and leave-behind data to your CRM and automation tools.

Step 4

Analyze & Optimize

Analyze Prospect Behavior

Leverage Reprise’s powerful analytics to view product tour and demo performance and optimize based on viewer activity and behavior.

Optimize Performance

Keep your product tours and demos updated with the latest screens and features without engineering resources.

Enterprise Ready

Built to meet enterprise collaboration, integration, and security needs.

Reprise for Enterprise
Role-based access controls
Find the right balance of standardization and customization for your team members based on roles. Enable varying levels of demo editing and ensure compliance organization-wide.
APIs for powerful integrations and automations
Power sales and marketing operations by triggering emails, campaigns, CRM or CDP record updates, and other actions based on product tour and demo activity.
Reprise is built to meet your enterprise security needs.

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